Court Costs & Payment Options

Court Online Payment Options

To pay court cost fees and/or fines online please click the image below or by phone call (567) 210-3378.

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Juvenile Court Costs

DEPOSITS AND FILING FEES                                                                                                                                   COSTS
Complaint/Petition for Paternity, Allocation of Parental Rights/Support (Includes fee for A-OK program) $200.00
Delinquency or Unruly Cases filed by a parent, guardian or other $100.00
Service by Publication $100.00
GAL Appointment  $1,300.00
Motions (Includes fee for A-OK) $200.00
Motion to Show Cause $100.00
WHAT ABOUT ME (Per Child) - Child program for Child(ren) between ages 5 and 17 $35.00
Home Investigation $700.00
Intent to Relocate $25.00
Service by Sheriff, Local $2 / Mile
Service by Sheriff, Foreign $2 / Mile
Notice of Appeal, Trial Court $25.00
Notice of Appeal, Court of Appeals $150.00
Certified Copy (Per Page) $1.00
Photocopy (Per Page) $0.10

Probate Court Costs

ESTATE DEPOSITS AND FILING FEES                                                                                      COSTS
Full Administration $250.00
Release from Administration $200.00
Summary Release from Administration $100.00
Order Admitting Will for Record Only $6.00
Application to Admit Authenticated copy of Foreign Documents $125.00
GUARDIANSHIP DEPOSITS AND FILING FEES                                                                         COSTS
Incompetent $325.00
Minor (Person and/or Person and Estate $400.00
Minor (Estate Only) $150.00
Conservatorships $175.00
Accountings $12.00
Accountings with publication (Plus publication fees when required) $12.00
Guardian’s Report   $5.00
Statement of Expert Evaluation   $1.00
Application for Attorney Fees  $5.00
Application for Guardian Fees   $5.00
Application for Authority to Expend Funds   $10.00
Application to Release Funds to Guardian   $5.00
ADOPTIONS                                                                                                                                       COSTS
Step-Parent/Grandparent/Foreign/Agency (Does not include Home Investigation Fee) $400.00
Private/Pre-Placement (Does not include Home Investigation Fee)  $550.00
Adult $225.00
HOME INVESTIGATIONS                                                                                                                                      COSTS
Step-Parent Adoption (+$25.00 for each additional child) $150.00
Grandparent Adoption (+$25.00 for each additional child) $350.00
Private Adoption - With Placement (+$250.00 for each additional child) $1200.00
Private Adoption - Without Placement (+$250.00 for each additional child) $900.00
Agency/Foreign/Adult Adoptions N/A
TESTAMENTARY TRUSTS                                                                                                                  COSTS
Application $150.00
Accountings $12.00
Accounting (Does not include application fee) $12.00
Application for Trustee Fees    $5.00
Application for Counsel Fees  $5.00
MINOR'S CLAIM                                                                                                                                     COSTS
Application for Settlement $125.00
CHANGE OF NAME                                                                                                                         COSTS
Application for Change of Name of Adult $175.00
Application for Change of Name of Minor   $175.00
CIVIL PROCEEDINGS                                                                                                                     COSTS
Complaint $225.00
CORRECTION OF BIRTH                                                                                                                    COSTS
Application $150.00
REGISTRATION OF BIRTH                                                                                                                    COSTS
Application $150.00
DISINTERMENT                                                                                                                                   COSTS
Application $100.00
MARRIAGE LICENSE                                                                                                                    COSTS
Application $40.00
Certified Copy of Marriage License (Does not include postage)  $7.00
MENTAL ILLNESS                                                                                                                                                                 COSTS
Application No Charge
INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT FOR DRUG/ALCOHOL ABUSE                                                                                            COSTS
Application cost of Treatment  
MISCELLANEOUS FILINGS                                                                                                        COSTS
Deposit of Last Will and Testament   $5.00
Copies (Per Page) $0.10
Certified Copy (Per Page) $1.00
Authenticated Copy (Per Page) $1.00